Reader Reviews of ‘Copy of Me’ by Kally Khan

The breakout novel from rising author Kally Khan, Copy of Me, has earned a 100 per cent 5-star rating on Amazon in its first month.

Despite still only being available as a Kindle download, Copy of Me has earned a 100 per cent five-star rating on from readers.

The response to her debut fictional novel marks a promising literary inauguration for Kally Khan. Reader reviews have already described the emotional tale as…

“…inspirational… so well written…”
“…real, raw emotion. The author pens feelings and experiences that many women can identify with…”
“…beautifully written… you can feel the intense need and want the writer conveys… this is a tragic love story that so many people can relate to…”
“…a sensual rollercoaster of emotion…”
“…I couldn’t put the book down. Honest emotions of experiences lived, intertwined with sexual turmoil and the realities of everyday life…”
“…a great read…”
“…I simply couldn’t put it down. Beautiful, raw, honest, hopeful and eye-opening…”
“…from the moment I read the first chapter I was completely engaged… I became emotional as I read each chapter… it was intense and full of anticipation. This was a great book!”
“…fast-paced, page-turner… can’t wait to read more from this talented author…”

You can find out more about Copy of Me in the article Copy of Me Released for Kindle or visit Kally’s page on where you can get further details on her new book, grab a copy and read the reviews for yourself.

If you read Copy of Me, don’t forget to leave a review! Kally reads them all personally and looks forward to hearing your feedback.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with all Kally’s latest news, you’ll find it over on her official Facebook page, on her Instagram or you can always check back here!

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